Move It Outside

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Since Jennifer and Kurt’s house is on a prime piece of property overlooking the lake, they decided it would be the perfect setting for their annual family reunion. The problem is, it’s a total disaster inside. Jennifer and Kurt’s - fixer-upper - house is still months away from being habitable, yet they have several relatives coming over in two weeks for a family reunion. However, they do have an ace in the hole: a beautiful backyard with a large in-ground pool, an oversized deck, a boat dock, and a big yard with lush, green grass. Their only option - Move it Outside! With some significant improvements and a little elbow grease, they will be able to have the entire reunion in their soon-to-be-finished outdoor oasis. Luckily, construction coordinator Jay Baker is on site to guide them through the process, hire the necessary contractors, and make sure it all happens before the two-week deadline.