Friday Night Impossible with Jerry Rice

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Jerry Rice transforms lives, one high school football team at a time.

NFL legend Jerry Rice heads to the small town of Irvington, Alabama to meet Alma Bryant High School's struggling football team. It's a race against the clock as Jerry has only one week to work with the Hurricanes to help inspire and motivate them to do better on and off the football field. Jerry spends one-on-one time with key players and gets to know them on a personal level by hearing their inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking stories. Jerry tackles the team's obstacles one by one. He calls on the local farming and shrimping communities to customize a professional workout for the team, recruits two NFL cheerleaders to improve school spirit and work with the cheer squad, pumps up the fans at the pep rally and imparts his knowledge from the sidelines during the team's big game Friday Night.

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