Casting Calls

We are always looking for people to appear on our shows. Currently, we are casting for the projects below. If you don't see something you can apply for, check back soon! Our casting needs change often!

Are you a victim of "the dark side" of a group/industry?

Have you experienced something that most people wouldn't believe? We are looking for people who have experienced some unbelievable things in a seemingly legit group. We want to reveal the "dark side" of various industries. We need people with crazy stories about the truth/horrors behind the scenes of communes turned cults, sports, mega churches, modeling, animal rescues, adoptions, foster homes, new age religion, drum circles, legal drug industry (prescription drugs, medical marijuana), silicon valley, greek life, dating apps / online dating, etc... Maybe you were tricked and thought this group was one way, and then it turned out that it was something else, possibly criminal. Email us now at [email protected]

Almost Home on HGTV

If you live in an older home in Northwest Arkansas & your house needs a facelift, apply NOW to be on our newest show, Almost Home, on HGTV! Let the talented couple, Jenny & Dave Marrs, give you the home of your dreams. Email [email protected] asap to apply.

Do you want to escape polygamy?

If you want to escape polygamy and you want your story documented, you may reach us at 757-266-7801 or email us at [email protected]