Great American Heroes


Great American Heroes not only met but far surpassed any imaginable expectations. Trace was excellent, so sincere and heart-felt. The editing was superb and the whole production, amazing!! Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this truly priceless television program. What an honor and experience I will NEVER forget!

With warmest regards,

Mackie Moore - Rein and Shine - Charleston, SC


Please share with the entire production crew and Trace my heart-felt appreciation for the portrait your painted of Hand In Hand. I truly feel you captured the essence of what our organization strives to be to the families and children we serve. Mark had a viewing party of nearly 100 people watching the episode last night, but I quietly watched it at home with Peter. Our story was told as if it were a song itself. This has never been about "us", rather the real "heroes" in our lives...the families who meet the challenges and joys of raising these very special children. I believe that came across in your filming. It is my hope that viewers will see our story and say, "we can do this in our community too!" 

Thank you for the work you are doing with this show. It has uplifted so many people who have seen it. 

Bless you all!

Vinnie Smith - Hand in Hand Foundation - Davenport, Indiana


I would really appreciate it if you would pass on to the camera man in particularly how great he was.  I could really tell he loves his profession and has his heart really into it. He has no fear and isn't "above" bringing himself to anybody's level. Like everyone else that day at my house it was so hot in the shed when they were trying to get the images of me with my board of mementos behind me. He was sweating up a storm and never said a single word about it.  He climbed onto the swing set platform to get a high angle (I thought that was funny).  In addition to that, he climbed into the tight quarters of my collection box to just get shots of the random donations received from the public (that wasn't selected for airing).  I honestly can't say enough about the whole crew.  Gordon especially was great for none of us had much experience being on camera for lengths at a time.  Tell him thanks for coaching me!!!  :)  He did a great job piecing all of that info together.  Lastly, it was awesome to meet G.A.C staff as well the night of the concert.  Thanks so much!

Amy Paden - Hearts of America, Inc. - Salina, Kansas


I've been in front of a lot of news cameras and work non-stop, that I was expecting this show to be more like a news segment.  When I viewed the premier, I cried.  I'm really honored to be a part of this show with all the amazing individuals you found!  They all amaze me!

Thank you so much for helping in our efforts to raise awareness on this important cause.  It means so much.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Karen Harris - Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA


Day to day this is the impact your efforts make for our program and our children. You help remind people about the families we serve in our very own Quad Cities.  You make them proud of their hometown.  You also motivate them to join in and make a difference in their community.  That kind of work makes the world better.

Please share our thanks again for making a difference.
Mark - Hand In Hand- Davenport, IA


I wanted to say thank you for a great show. I was really nervous to watch but you guys did a great job. All 3 charities were well represented and I'm proud of the work we all do. It's great to be able to show off Bakersfield and the great community we have. Thank you again for all of your guys hard work and efforts.

Wendy Porter - Wounded Heroes Fund - Bakersfield, CA


Just watched our episode and I wanted to thank you guys again for all your and the crews hard work - you made all three organizations look great! - Thank you. I have received several phone calls and promises of donations thanks to this exposure. By the way, the score board is up and working great! - Thanks again, Chad

Chad Jackman  - Executive Director, Bakersfield Police Activities League - Bakersfield, CA



Run My Renovation


What a fun weekend we had! Everyone on the crew was so fabulous to work with and we enjoyed the process top to finish! The room looks great and your team certainly worked very hard for Bart and I. We are so very appreciative and amazed at the DIY network, team and exciting aspects that everyone involved contributed. Thank you for choosing us as we are so very grateful. What an exciting and fun experience to have been a part of. Thank you and your team again.


Carrie Russell


Dear RIVR Media Crew!

A HUGE thank you for your hard work and transformation of our kitchen. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people and we feel so very blessed and grateful to have been a part of this show. We LOVE our new kitchen!


Sam and Niss Whisman


My wife and I wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are with our basement! It think it goes without saying that we absolutely love the results of the project itself (it's simply the coolest room I've ever seen), but we wanted to send our thanks for how we were treated during the process.  The crew that came to our house made it even more special.  We hated to see you go and you all are welcome back any time. 

When my wife approached me about applying for the show, my first thought was I don't want a TV crew in my house.  My second thought was I'll be incredibly nervous and won't know what to do on camera and at the end of it all, I'll probably hate what they do to our house anyway.  Meeting Talid eliminated all of those concerns. I can't say enough about him.  Leslie and I connected with him immediately and I knew that if the rest of the crew was anything like him, we were in good hands.  And that was definitely the case when we first met you and the team at our house a couple of moths ago.  

John and Joanie are awesome. They helped us feel more comfortable on camera and taught us some cool things about home improvement that we hope to utilize soon.  Alice quietly kept everything running smoothly (or at least anything contrary to that was never evident to us).  Jeff, Brud, and Darrell made us feel very comfortable in an unfamiliar situation.  Carrie's sense of style helped to create the excitement you saw during our reveal. We truly love that room!  Bob, Sam, Bobby, and Matthew are some of the best people we've had the pleasure of meeting-not to mention their incredible work.  And of course, working with professionals like Nathan and Jim gives the illusion that putting a room like that together in 3 days is easy.  

Again, it was a pleasure.  THANK YOU, Run My Renovation!


Jeff Cross  



Renovation Realities

I just wanted to thank you for an awesome experience. Our Renovation Realities show aired this weekend and we though it came out great. It was a lot of fun to film and then watching the show on tv was pretty neat.  Thanks so much!! It's an experience we will always remember!

Lindsey Nyenbink